Europe’s Top Underrated Destinations

Europe’s famous cities- Paris, Rome, and Berlin- are incredible. But, there are plenty of other cities worth a visit. Here are my suggestions for your next European travel itinerary.

5. Liverpool, England

The home of the Beatles is often overlooked in England itineraries. Don’t miss the Merseyside Maritime Museum on the waterfront which has a fantastic Titanic exhibition (no Leo though, sorry ladies).

4. Bilbao, Spain

The 2018 European City of the Year is a post-industrial city with a thriving art and food scene. The Guggenheim museum features world-famous modern art, the restaurant scene has over 40 Michelin starred restaurants, and every bar offers pinxtos (Basque tapas).

3. Valencia, Spain

Paella’s birthplace. Need I say more? Spain’s third largest city is also home to medieval castles, Gothic cathedrals, sandy beaches, and world-class museums. One of my favorite memories of Spain was eating my way through the Mercado Central where I had the most delicious strawberries of my life.

2. Tallinn, Estonia

I’ve raved about Tallinn a lot on here but I’ll do it again: this city will surely become a major travel destination in the next decade. The well-preserved historic city center is filled with shops, restaurants, and bars that will keep you full and happy for days. Plus, it’s an easy travel destination- Estonia is in the Schengen Zone, uses the Euro, and has a high level of English proficiency.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Scandinavia’s sparking gem, this city is packed with coffee shops, cobblestone, and chic galleries. In the winter, warm up drinking mulled wine, called gløgg, while strolling through Tivoli Garden’s Christmas lights. Or, in the summer, take a bike and see the city up close and personal.

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