My 25th Birthday in Boston | Travel Diary

I just wanted to share some lovely photos from my Birthday weekend in Boston last August! My friend took some AMAZING photos while we were there. I’m totally going to ignore the fact that I’m now scheduled for my quarter-life crisis.


Boston Public Market (August 2018)
Boston Public Market (August 2018)
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Boston Commons
Neptune Oyster
Neptune Oyster
Boston Harbor
Boston Harbor
Harpoon Brewery (also elusive photo of the photographer)
Harpoon Brewery
Harpoon Brewery

2 thoughts on “My 25th Birthday in Boston | Travel Diary

  1. Wow, I’d love to see Boston! I’m thinking about doing a trip there from New York when I’m there later in the year. Would you recommend?


    1. This trip in August was my second time in Boston- my first trip was Spring Break in college where I actually spent the other half of my time in New York! It’s really easy to get from NYC to Boston on the Amtrak train. It’s 3 hours with no transfers if I remember. There’s also a bus which is a cheaper option. The two cities are very different. Boston has a lot of preserved history- the Freedom Trail is well marked through the city and takes you from Boston Commons to the Harbor. It’s also a great place for Italian food, seafood, and breweries. I think it is worth a visit if you have time!

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